Murilee Martin's Film Photography

Ancient cameras at High Plains junkyard

Bonneville Speed Week 2018 with old cameras

Great Depression cheap cameras at junkyard

Century-old cameras at the dragstrip

Portrait lenses at the junkyard

WW2 Japanese camera at Denver junkyard

35mm film in Vest Pocket Kodak at junkyard

1933 and 1956 spy cameras at junkyard

1950 Dodge race truck shot with 1910 Ansco camera

1933 UniveX Model A camera at Denver junkyard

1917 Vest Pocket Kodak at Denver junkyards

65-year-old found film in eBay camera

1953 Ford F-100 shot with tiny 1915 box camera

UniveX Model A at California junkyard

1940 Ansco Speedex in Wisconsin, California junkyards

1900s cameras at Colorado junkyard

1939 Franka Bonafix in Colorado junkyard

Pinhole camera made from Toyota Camry side mirror

1936 Balda Juwella in Denver junkyards

Tokyo kei vans shot with 1936 German camera

1935 Kodak Junior 616 at Denver junkyard

Cereal-box prize camera at High Plains junkyard

1954 Ricohflex TLR at High Plains junkyard

Color film in 1910s cameras at the junkyard

1925 Vest Pocket Kodak at Denver junkyards

Soviet and German cameras at the junkyard

Junkyard 1949 Dodge shot with 1916 and 1940 cameras

1940 Speedex and 1919 Gauthier at Denver junkyard

1974 Ford Torino shot with panoramic camera in 1994

1940 Ansco Speedex test at junkyard

Testing old cameras on old Denver street-parked cars

Bonneville Speek Week 2017 shot with 1926 Kodak Brownie

1926 Kodak Brownie at 24 Hours of Lemons race

Panoramic shots of 1965 Impala in 1990 California

110 camera on 1988 MGB-GT Interstate 5 trip

Hooptie cars in 1997 Reno

Renault Alliance and Mustang II in 1993 California

1978 Olds Custom Cruiser on 1989 I-5 road trip

Canon AE-1 on 1988 California road trip

1973 Honda Civic vs 1973 MGB-GT

Canon AE-1 captures 1990 JC Whitney catalog break

110 spy camera in 1987 Los Angeles junkyard

The worst car ever made

1989 Canon AE-1 portrait of 1971 Chevrolet C20 truck

California student cars of 1990

126 Instamatic shots on I-580, 1988

1965 Chevrolet Impala on Interestate 5 in 1991

Canon AE-1 shoots 1966 Dodge Coronet wagon in 1989 Oakland

1973 Buick Electra in 1993 California

Canon AE-1 shots of 1951 Chevrolet road trip in 1991 Oakland

Canon AE-1 shots of Dodge A100 in 1989

Reloaded disposable camera, 1992

Ansco Speedex Jr at Denver junkyard

Cereal-box-prize camera at Denver junkyard

Voigtlander Superb TLR at High Plains wrecking yard

1910-1919 box cameras at High Plains wrecking yard

Ansco Dollar Camera at Denver junkyard

Velveeta 110 camera at junkyard

1910 Ansco shoots Malaise Magnum

1899 Kodak at Denver junkyards

1910 Ansco Dollar Camera with color film

1913 Kodak Hawk-Eye at junkyard

1920 Goodwin braves the Denver Bomb Cyclone

Land Rover shot with 1950s Pho-Tak Foldex

1950s Vredeborch Vrede Box at junkyard

1950s Pho-Tak shoots yanked junkyard engines

1950s comic-book spy camera at the junkyard

35mm slides of 2002 California junkyard

1939 Falcon camera shoots junked 1948 Plymouth

Canon 110ED at Denver junkyard

1919 camera with portrait lens at junkyard

1969 Soviet camera at junkyard

1950s Italian camera shoots 1970s Italian junkyard car

Bencini Comet shoots Fiat graveyard

1930s Argus Model A at junkyard

1963 Rambler in junkyard shot with 1963 Imperial camera

Kodak Brownie Starmite shoots junked IHC Scouts

Argus C3 Brick photographs Denver junkyard

Kodak Premo 00 box camera at junkyard

Four old cameras shoot 1953 Ford F-100

1951 Chevrolet photographed with 1919, 1950 cameras

Agfa Speedex in junkyard with portrait lens

Agfa B-2 Cadet box camera in junkyard

1927 Ansco Memo 35mm camera in junkyards

1950 Argus AF in Wisconsin junkyard

1939 Franka Bonafix in Denver junkyard

1920 Houghton Ensign British box camera shoots junked British cars

Raymond Loewy camera shoots Raymond Loewy Studebaker

1899 Kodak Shoots Six Junkyard Views of Pikes Peak

Argoflex 75 shoots junkyard engine close-ups

1930s British camera shoots British trucks

1961 Imperial Satellite camera shoots junked Mopars

1917 Conley Kewpie shoots VW Buses

Kodak No. 00 Cartridge Premo at junkyard

1897 Kodak Bulls-Eye shoots junkyard engines

1909 Kodak Folding Pocket Brownie shoots Little Trees

Fake Mitsubishi camera shoots real junkyard Mitsubishi cars

Super-cheap 1950s Chicago camera visits the junkyard

1940s Brooklyn camera visits the junkyard

Argus 75 with Portrait Lens Shoots Engines

1930s British Camera Shoots British Trucks

1917 Conley Kewpie Shoots VW Buses

1980s Panorama Camera Hits the Junkyard

1897 Kodak Bull's-Eye Shoots Junkyard Cars

1899 Kodak Captures Six Views of Pikes Peak

1953 Ford Shot with Four Vintage Cameras

Ansco Dollar Camera in California Junkyard

Raymond Loewy Camera Shoots Raymond Loewy Car

Brumberger Thunderbird Camera vs Junkyard Ford Thunderbirds

Camry Mirror Pinhole Camera Shoots 1953 Ford F-100

Canon AE-1 Shoots Japanese Engines

Chevy Venture Camera Shoots Junked Chevy Ventures

Counterfeit Mitsubishi Camera Shoots Real Mitsubishis

Imperial Satellite Camera Shoots Junkyard Chryslers

Imperial Savoy Camera Visits Colorado Junkyard

Infrared Junkyard Photos

1909 Kodak Shoots Junkyard Air Fresheners

Kodak No. 00 Cartridge Premo Shoots Junkyard Cars

1971 Chrysler Newport Shot with 1967 Kodak Starmite

Hacked 1910 Pinhole Camera at Junkyards

Ricohflex VII Shoots Wisconsin Junkyard in Infrared

TLRs at High Plains Junkyard

Chevy Vega Camera Shoots Chevy Vega Race Car

Zeiss Ikon Tengor-Box Shoots Junked German Cars
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