Murilee's Featured Lemons Cars

Model T GT
V12 Thunderbird
Diesel Thunderbird
Saab-Powered 300ZX
280ZX-Powered Firebird
454-Powered Marlin
Duratec-Powered Dauphine
Turbo 351W-Powered XR4Ti
"Two-Ton Miata"
Prickstine E30
Bavarian Ranchero
The Wienermobile
Chopped V8 W124
Fleetwood Versus Lada
Lada Signet
S600 Gets Claimed
Cajun Jihad Mitsubishi
Faster Farms 1966 Belvedere
Faster Farms Burning Head
First Blood GMC Sonoma
Corporate Machine Cadillac
Pimp Brian's Civic
First Lemons Corvette
Blimp Versus Impala
450SEL 6.9 vs '75 LTD
Simca 1204
Alfa 164-Powered X1/9
Licensed To Ill S10
Volvo 245-Bodied Miata
Nissan Stanza Wagon
Twin-Engined Toyota
1967 Mercedes-Benz 200
Radial-Engined MR2
1963 Plymouth Fury
Exhaust-Powered Whiskey Still
Parnelli Jones Galaxie
Mario Brothers SE-R
Terrible Turbo Beetle
Dead Rock Stars Beetle
Real Housewives of Bahrain
Richard Nixon Escort
Dave Morrow's Heaps
Skank Tank Caprice
Operation BMW 318
Eyesore Pimpin' CRX Crushed
Substandard Racing Gremlin
North Las Vegas Barbie LTD
Mid-Drive Crisis Mirage
UDMan's Corvair
Misfit Toys Wartburg
Tiger Woods "Escalade"
Citation X-11
Short Bus Drifting Academy
Euripedes and Rusty
Black Metal V8olvo
IROC Maiden Camaro
Snowmobile-Powered Miata
280ZX-Powered 510
Our Lady of Perpetual Downforce
Brougham d'Bavaria Landau
Dual-Control Super Beetle
Rotary Opel GT
Creamsicle Saab Sonett
(Collapsed) Barn Find RX-2
Twin-Turbo Taxi
Motorcycle-Engined Z600
Slant Six BMW E30
LeMons AMCs
Beauteous Benzes
Big Fat Luxury Cars
Azz Backwards Truck
Hoxha's Hooptie
Huge Engines, Tiny Cars
Petty Cash Jeep Cherokee
Spirit of LeMons Cessna
British Cars In LeMons
French Cars In LeMons
Vans In LeMons
Moto Guzzi-Powered Fiat 600
The Donk
The Homer
Worst LeMons Car Ever
"Ferraris" of LeMons
Harley-Engined Prius


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