Murilee Martin's Greatest Hits, In Sorta Chronological Order

Wanky the Safety Cat
Best Movie Bad Guy Cars
Movie Car Hall of Fame
Down On the Street
Datsun Talk Box Innards
Project Car Hell: The Early Years
DUI Telepresence Crown Victoria Racing
Stuck In the Lodi Volvo Again
Junkyard Parts= Terrorism!
Reefer-Smuggling '57 Savoy
Hash-Smuggling '68 Newport
Alex Cox Car Interview
Pleading With Tow Driver
The Malaise Era
Welcome To The Crusher!
Ratty's Jamaican Muffler Shop
Ancient Colorado Junkyard
Peugeot 504 Rant
My Very First Tow Truck
1965 Impala Hell Project
Honda Super Cubs of Vietnam
The Junkyard Life Cycle
P71 Crown Vic Adventures
Parting Out a Lexus On eBay
Death of the Rockin' Supercar
Why Old Cars Suck
Honda Vacuum Line Hell
Bonneville Salt Flats
R.I.P., Racer Grandpa
Vast Swedish Junkyard
Talking Skull Brake Lights
Car Fan Solar Attic Vent
Swedish Folkrace
Oldsmobile Songs
Radio Armageddon
Kustom Korona
Driving 206 mph Jetta
Beloved Junkyard Toolbox
Camera made from Camry mirror
Kei Vans in Japan
1941 Plymouth Project
Junkyard Superchargers
Junkyard Parts Garage Light Controller Board
Cars in Tokyo
Junkyard Jack-O-Lantern
GM Iron Duke history
$1,110.06 in parts for $59.99
Mad Max Blower Switch
Butt Thumper Amplifiers
1992 BMW Accessories Catalog
Turbo badges of the 1980s
Why it's impossible to sell a manual on Craigslist
Play Bluetooth through 8-track
Childhood '73 Chevy Beauville van
40 years of the Weather Eye
VW-powered ice-fishing hut
Junkyard Boombox Building party
Murilee's First Car
Field expedient fish-delivery truck audio system
The $113 GTO
28 states in beater Toyota Hilux
K-Car Nightmare

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